About Rhonda

Rhonda Serkes honed her creativity in the top advertising agencies on Madison Avenue winning local, regional and national awards. Now she brings her talents to digital marketing helping companies memorably reach their target audiences in today's social marketplace by building brand awareness and a loyal community through website design, SEO and social media. Rhonda is a sought after speaker having spoken at universities, conferences and business associations.

Create Better Facebook Ads With This Sampler

You can find the best inspiration for your next Facebook ads campaign by looking at what other companies are doing. There a several samples below to help you to create better Facebook ads. For the most up-to-date creative gallery, [...]

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Speaker At The PA Conference For Women

I can’t wait to speak at the 2015 PA Conference for Women, November 19 at the Pennsylvania Conference Center. There is an amazing lineup of speakers, unparalleled networking, and a great opportunity to focus your personal and professional goals. Will [...]

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6 Tools To Help You Battle Blog Fog

If you blog on a regular basis – especially on the same topic – chances are you've experienced blog fog. It’s that haze that falls over you when you’re tired or bored with the process of posting. Blog fog [...]

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Do You Have A Social Media Criticism Strategy?

Your Facebook and Twitter accounts are humming along. Feedback has been positive. Your customers like what you’re doing. Then it happens. A customer posts a complaint. It’s concise and polite. Frankly, you’re not sure whether he has a point [...]

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Stop Being A Loser (Of Followers)

If you're tired of being a loser (of followers) and want to be a winner, follow the advice from SumAll, a data-analytic provider. You work hard at adding new amazing content, creating an interesting profile and attracting a new following. It's not easy. [...]

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