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Sparketing: Marketing That Lights Their Fire

Few disciplines create more words – or add meanings to existing ones – than social media. Blog, website, tweet, post, like, avatar, bookmark, tag, hashtag, lifecasting, link, troll, klout, podcast, mashup, meme, etc. I’m adding a new one to [...]

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5 Steps For Creating A Social Media Marketing Plan

Ah, social media marketing. You know it’s out there. You know you should be reaching or developing clients there. But how do you get started?Well, it helps to have a social media marketing plan. In fact, it’s absolutely necessary for [...]

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A Facebook Reference Guide Tells You When To Post

The best days to post on Facebook vary by industry. Use this Facebook Reference Guide to know the most effective days to post within these 15 industries; Advertising, Automotive, Clothing and Fashion, Consumer Package Goods, Entertainment, Finance and Banking, [...]

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