Content Marketing Statistics For 2014

Content Marketing Statistics For 2014

content marketingEach year Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs create a new report covering the latest trends in B2B content marketing.

This research produces plenty of insights to help guide B2B marketers in the right direction. B2B marketers’ confidence in content marketing continues to build; content marketing usage rates are up from last year; and, it’s no surprise marketers with a documented content strategy are having the greatest success.

Here are some highlights from the report.

B2B Marketers Content Marketing Usage
93%: Using content marketing compared with 91% in 2013
42%: Effective at content marketing as to 36% in 2013

B2B Marketers Content Marketing Overall Effectiveness
42%: Effective vs 36% in 2013
9%: 5 (very effective)
33%: 4
41%: 3
14%: 2
1%: 1 (not at all effective)

B2B Marketers Content Marketing Best-In-Class Profile
66%: Documented content strategy
86%: Someone who oversees content marketing strategy
15: Average number of tactics used
7: Average number of social media platforms
39%: Percent of marketing budget is on content marketing
35%: Challenged with producing engaging content

B2B Marketers Content Marketing Documented Strategy
44%: B2B marketers
48%: Smaller B2B companies (10-99 employees)
41%: Large B2B companies (1,000 employees)
73%: B2B organizations have someone in place to oversee strategy
78%: Small companies have someone who oversees strategy
58%: Large companies have someone who oversees strategy
73%: Producing more content than they did one year ago

B2B Marketers Content Marketing Tactics (Average Of 13 Tactics)
87%: Social Media (other than blogs)
81%: Articles on your website
80%: eNewsletters
76%: Blogs
76%: In-person events
73%: Case studies
73%: Videos
68%: Articles on other websites
64%: Whitepapers
63%: Online presentations
62%: Webinars
51%: Infographics
44%: Research reports
40%: Microsites
38%: Branded content tools
38%: Mobile content
35%: Print magazines
34%: eBooks
30%: Books
28%: Mobile apps
27%: Digital magazines
26%: Podcasts
25%: Syndicated content
25%: Virtual conferences
24%: Annual reports
22%: Print newsletters
10%: Games

B2B Marketers Content Marketing Tactic Effectiveness
70%: In-person
65%: Case studies
63%: Videos
63%: Webinars
62%: Blogs
60%: eNewsletters
59%: Research reports
59%: White papers
58%: Articles on your website
57%: eBooks

B2B Marketers Content Marketing Social Media Usage
91%: LinkedIn
85%: Twitter
81%: Facebook
73%: YouTube
55%: Google+
40%: SlideShare
34%: Pinterest
22%: Instagram
22%: Vimeo
16%: Flickr
15%: StumbleUpon
14%: Foursquare
14%: Tumblr
14%: Vine

For the full report go to B2B Content Marketing. What overall trends are you seeing in B2B content marketing?


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